Broadway Bares 27: Strip University

On June 18, 2017 I was honored to participate in Broadway Bares for the 13th time. Broadway Bares is a burlesque charity event sponsored by Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS, and this year’s event alone raised over $1.5 MILLION for HIV/AIDS related research, care and education.

Broadway Bares 27, directed by Nick Kenkle, was titled “Strip University.” The number I designed the costumes for was GOING GREEK, choreographed by Paul Stancato. You can see photos and video from the number below, but more importantly, please visit Broadway Cares to get more information about the work they do and all of the wonderful events throughout the year.

Hair and wig design by Bobbie Zlotnik

Aerial training and choreography by Bobby Hedglin-Taylor

Associate Costume Designer, Andrew Basile

Assistant Costume Designer, Matthew Keating

Aerial costume fabricated by John Kristiansen NYC

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