Philadelphia Mummers’ Parade 2017

Happy New Year!!!

Once again I have had the honor of having my costume and set designs in the Philadelphia Mummers’ Parade. 2017 was a fantastic year, and work for the 2018 parade is already in progress.

I can’t possibly post all of my designs from this past year, but here are some of the highlights. It was a great honor to have the opportunity to be a part of this great tradition. And special thanks you to the South Philly String Band, Ferko String Band, Greater Kensington Strring Band, Hegeman String Band, Aqua String Band, and the 2nd Street Shooters Fancy Brigade for providing me the opportunity. I look forward to many more creative and fun years.

Highsmith Cover

Thank you to Steve Highsmith for putting my design on the cover of your new book, “Images of Modern America; Philadelphia Mummers.” (John Baron, captain of the Hegeman String Band, “Immortal Utopia” 2015)

Ferko String Band: “We Stand as One”

Costume and set design by David Rigler

First Place Captain, Thomas D’Amore

Hegeman String Band: “The Golden Gala”

Sets and Costumes by David Rigler

Aqua String Band: “Mine Blown”

Set and Costume Design by David Rigler

Greater Kensington String Band: “The Band, The Myth, The Legend”

Set and Costume Design by David Rigler

South Philadelphia String Band: “Awaken the Dragon”

Costume design by Russ Fama. Scenic Deign by David Rigler

2nd Street Shooters Fancy Brigade: “New Fire Ceremony”

Costume design by Russ Fama. Scenic Design by David Rigler


Aqua2017_Silver Miner Pit Aqua2017_Dancer Aqua2017_Scene 2_DRD Aqua2017_Scene 1_DRD Ferko2017_c_yellow FSB2017_Captain_Final_B Copy of Ferko2017_Scenic Model_ 025 Copy of Ferko2017_Scenic Model_ 002 GKSB2017_Scenic Model_ 024 GKSB2017_Scenic Model_ 011 16114939_10158137177280441_6141793263105070171_n 16113925_10158127848630441_3227924021419120653_n HSB2017_Scenic Model_ 002 shooters full stage_low_2 Copy of SouthPhillySB2017_Scenic Model_ 007 Copy of SouthPhillySB2017_Scenic Model_ 002

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