Philadelphia Mummers’ Parade 2019

Happy New Year!!!

Once again I have had the honor of having my costume and set designs in the Philadelphia Mummers’ Parade. 2019 was a great success and I could not be more proud of everyone who participated. Congratulations to the South Philly Vikings who are the 2019 Fancy Brigade Champions, with their theme “The Galactic Circus”

I can’t possibly post all of my designs from this past year, but here are some of the highlights. It was a great honor to have the opportunity to be a part of this great tradition. And special thanks you to the South Philly Vikings Fancy Brigade, 2nd Street Shooters Fancy Brigade, South Philly String BandGreater Kensington String Band, Aqua String Band, Duffy String Band, Uptown String Band, and the Avalon String Band for providing me the opportunity. I look forward to many more creative and fun years.

South Philly Vikings, “The Galactic Circus”

2nd Street Shooters, “Assassins Creed”

Aqua String Band, “Primal Kingdom”

Duffy String Band, “Duffy Wins a No-Belle Prize”

Greater Kensington String Band, “Amen!”

Uptown String Band, “A Night To Dismember”

Avalon String Band, “Hillbilly Hootenanny”